Cindy Abraham A Team Florida Keller Williams Realtor.

Cindy “Momma” Abraham

Is known as the Momma of the Millennials- or your Senior Moment. When your son or daughter is looking to rent or buy their first home or condo, she will take them by the hand and walk them through the process into their very own living room. Empty Nesters who need to downsize? Starting a family and need to upsize? Momma Cindy will talk AND walk you through it. She is also great when you need someone to help grandma sell her condo and move in with you – or better yet – to an ALF with other kids her age.

Selling your home is probably one of the biggest sales transactions of your life.  That is the operative phrase – “sales transaction” – unemotional with all decisions made with cold, hard, facts and no emotions attached to the outcome.  That can be tough. You have lived, loved, and enjoyed a part of your life here. Taking the emotion out is tough. 

Keller Williams A Team Florida specializes in properties that do not sell the first time around.  Unless one has a lot of buyer agent contacts, even the best Realtors can have trouble selling properties.  Brian Gaiefsky is one of the best showing agents in town. He will help you prepare your condo to get the most money possible AND he personally shows your property EVERY time.  We are with you from listing to close, through inspections, appraisals, and the condo/HOA approval process. If you want the best team of Realtors working for you, call the A Team!


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