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How are Keller Williams A Team Florida Realtors different from other Real Estate agents?

We are South Florida specialists in home and condo sales and a certified distressed property expert. We proudly serve the south Florida cities of Hollywood, Hallandale, Dania, and Ft. Lauderdale. The South Florida demand for turnkey properties is at an all-time high because today’s buyers don’t want the hassle or added expense of having to do repairs. This is the reason why we pay for an inspection before we list your home so we know which issues need to be addressed. For more information, call us today-844-552-7378.

A Team Florida takes the time to EDUCATE our sellers, buyers, and renters BEFORE we start the process.  This includes an in-depth PERSONAL consultation to learn exactly what YOU want. We collaborate as your PARTNERS to be sure your needs are met while being GUIDED through every step of the process. We use strategies that NOBODY else uses to get you from contract to close successfully.

Today’s buyers have good credit and income but not a lot of cash to make improvements, so it is well worth it for our sellers to make the property move in ready.   For homes, we pay for a professional inspection.  For Hillcrest condos, we know what to look for that can derail a deal, so we want to either fix what needs to be fixed or disclose it to the buyers so that it does not become an issue later.

Preparing a home or condo to be shown in its best light takes time.  It may be as simple as painting, a good cleaning and adding some colorful plants to the front yard or porch/balcony.  AS-IS properties do not fare as well in this market place.  Today’s buyers need a property that is move-in ready.  They are willing to pay a little more up front with a mortgage rather than have to come up with cash to make expensive repairs.

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Curb appeal goes further than just the front yard.  Staging is more than furniture placement and decorations; smart staging also directs the buyer’s eyes toward the most positive features in the property and minimizes the negatives.  Staging is one of the cheapest ways to get a good return on investment.

That can be a problem for some sellers.  They just don’t have the money. If they don’t have the money, that’s where we come in.  We will loan our clients the money to do the repairs to beautify and stage their home/condo, so we can get the highest price possible.  We get reimbursed at closing.  Of course, we know which expenses are worth incurring to sell at a higher price.  Many times, we are setting a new highest sale for the area which makes us VERY popular with the neighbors who may be planning on selling in the future.


3850 Washington St, Hollywood, FL 33021

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