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Do you want to sell, buy, or rent here in South Florida?

Timing is everything. Competition is fierce. For this reason, planning with the advice of a real estate professional is crucial. We are with you throughout the process. We handle all the details from the initial offer to the final negotiation.

Helping South Florida families since 2005

Cindy Abraham and Brian Gaiefsky of Keller Williams A Team Florida specialize in South Florida properties. We live here, love it and our goal is for you to Love Where You Live. If you or someone you know are thinking of relocating to South Florida and would like to sell, buy or rent, call 8-HILLCREST.

Our goal is to help every homeowner get the top dollar for their property. The demand for turnkey properties is at an all-time high because buyers don’t want the hassle or added expense of having to remodel.

This is why WE PAY FOR AN INSPECTION UP FRONT, so we know which issues need to be addressed before we list your your home. As licensed realtors, we do what nobody else in the business does; we risk our own money to help you prepare your property for sale. We do it to help you maximize your profits and we do it to make money. Want to know how much your South Florida home or condo is worth?


We handle ALL the details from the initial offer to final negotiations. A Team Florida as helped South Floridians over the last 15 years. Put us to work and see how we can help you!

If you need to downsize or upsize we are in the business of helping families love where they live. We strive to help veterans and renters achieve and make affordable homeownership a reality. We work with only the top lenders to get you pre-qualified. This call is free, the information is priceless.


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