South Florida Keller Williams Realtors. Our goal is to help every homeowner get the top dollar for their property. The demand for turnkey properties is at an all-time high because buyers don’t want the hassle or added expense of having to remodel.

This is why WE PAY FOR AN INSPECTION UP FRONT, so we know which issues need to be addressed before we list your your home. As licensed realtors, we do what nobody else in the business does; we risk our own money to help you prepare your property for sale. We do it to help you maximize your profits and we do it to make money. Want to know how much your South Florida home or condo is worth?

Timing is everything. Competition is fierce. For this reason, planning with the advice of a real estate professional is crucial. We are with you throughout the process. We handle all the details from the initial offer to the final negotiation.

Searching for real estate in South Florida should be taken seriously. When working with buyers, A Team Florida is driven by strategies that can make a big difference in your success to find the right property. A Team agents are here to make the process easy for you. There are many things to consider when looking for your dream home. We have developed our own unique strategies that help us determine where and how to find your perfect property, and get your offer accepted.

Our Process

  • Initial meeting to learn your needs and preferences.
  • Work with top lenders to get your pre-qualification.
  • Search properties based on:
    • Location
    • Affordability
    • Features
  • Present offer, negotiate, and prepare for closing.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of finding your dream home.

Why Hire A Team Florida?

Families deserve professional and honest advice to get the home of their dreams at the best market price with the least stress possible. We work diligently on searching for the property that best fits your wants and needs.

We want you to feel confident and comfortable.