How Long Will it Take Me to Sell My House?

How Long Will it Take Me to Sell My House? You may be eager to sell your house, but may be wondering “How long will it take me to sell my house?”. Our guide will help you have a clearer expectation.

So… How Long?

Figure two weeks to get it ready to list. We will go through your home and make suggestions to make your home show beautifully. We also pay for a professional inspection when we list your home so we don’t have any surprises once we are under contract. a team florida how long will it take me to sell my housePricing is the next big factor in how long your home will sit on the market. Price it too high and it won’t sell until you lower to market value. Price it right and it should sell within 30 days. Price it too low and you very well could end up with over market value as buyers turn into bidders. The “If you want this house, I want it more…”) mentality seems to take over. Negotiating an offer will take a few days. The inspection is the biggest obstacle to quick closings. Be sure you disclose any and all negatives in the seller’s disclosure. Be very sure you have permits for any major work or repairs that were done to the home either before or during your ownership. It may seem unfair, buy you are responsible for providing permits for any and all repairs or installations that require a permit to be sure everything is up to code. If both sides are satisfied at this point or have renegotiated as a result of the inspection, you could be headed for the closing table. However, if the buyer has a mortgage, the home must appraise. If not, the price may have to be renegotiated once again. A third hurdle could be association approval if there is an HOA or condo board involved. From this point, it will take a minimum of 45 days to close with the new closing procedures effective October 3, 2015. If it is a cash offer, you can often close within 2 weeks.

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