If it’s real estate, we do it

Brian “Million Dollar Man” Gaiefsky

With over 25 years construction experience, whether buying or selling you can benefit from Brian’s thirty years of construction experience. If you are selling he can price, show, stage and negotiate top dollar for your property. If you are buying he can spot potential issues, get your offer accepted, and negotiate to get the best price for your new home.


Cindy “Momma” Abraham

Known as the “Momma” of the Millennials. When your son or daughter is looking to rent or buy their first home or condo, she will take them by the hand and walk them through the process. She helps empty nesters who need to downsize, families that need to up-size. Momma Cindy will explain and walk you through the process. She is also great when you need someone to help grandparents sell their condo and move in with you, or to an assisted living facility (ALF) with other “kids” their age.