7 Musts to Get The Best Offer For A House

a team florida get best house offerGetting the best house offer doesn’t have to be a wishing game. Changing a few things and being proactive can help you get the best offer. Successful home sales are all about strategies and A Team Florida knows them all. In this internet age, buyers have access to all the data they need to know the market values. You need an edge and you get that with us. As professional Realtors with years of experience, we really do get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Basically everything “they” say about preparing your home to sell is spot on.
  • Yard is well maintained with some color (potted flowers, etc.)
  • The first they see when they walk in the door is pleasing to the eye
  • House is neat & clean, smells good and feels good (temperature)
  • No clutter on countertops or tables
  • Furniture is arranged to make room look Turn on lights.
  • Wall paint colors are attractive and soft
  • Windows are sparkling!

Other Things To Keep In Mind To Get the Best House Offer

Yes, you do need to make your bed every day and put away your toothbrush and toiletries. Yes, you need to repaint the orange wall a neutral color. Yes, the family portraits need to be put away. It is really hard to live in a home that is listed for sale. You almost have to take the attitude that it is already not your home anymore; just a house you are staying in until it sells. The good news is that we will help. The vendors we use to help sellers prepare their home for sale know that you don’t want to pay top dollar for painting, cleaning or repairs. But we are in a market where the basics do make a big difference in what you will get for your home. Up until recently, it was not cost effective for sellers to pay for even the smallest upgrade. “As-is” was the way to go because prices were so low. We have found that absolutely gorgeous, top of the line remodels can command any price they want. Properties needing a lot of work are at the mercy of whatever they can get. And of course there is the middle ground – nice, clean and somewhat updated. Those strictly go for market value. So if your home is in this middle category and you need to replace some flooring, you are better off putting in a remnant of a neutral Berber carpet rather than spending big bucks on expensive tile. The buyer may very well rip it up and put in porcelain tile but all you need to do is make it look and smell nice and the buyer can decide what they want to do. To net as much as possible, it truly is important that you spend the money on the carpet to make the room attractive. Small investments do pay off in this market.

What About The Big Repairs?

If there is a major repair and you just don’t have the cash, of course you need to disclose it but just offer a credit in the listing. Someone getting a mortgage won’t mind if they have to do the work as long as it won’t cost them. Call us if you have specific questions about this – every case is different.

In Conclusion

Sellers sometimes drag their feet on little details that make a big difference and this can make a big difference in the sale price. To buyers, it just makes sense that the appearance of the home is a reflection of how the seller has taken care of it over the years. A mess leaves an impression that is hard for a buyer to overcome. Bottom line, the buyer needs to walk in to a home that looks good, smells good and even “feels” good. When sellers can look at their own home from a buyer’s perspective, they are ahead of the game.

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