Why Can’t You Sell Your Home?

9233224-Sure you can. Unless you are trying to do it without professional help or are unrealistic about the price. Getting the offer is not the hard part these days – qualifying the buyer, negotiating the price and getting it to the closing table is the challenge.

So Why Can’t You Sell Your Home?

Selling your home is probably one of the biggest sales transactions of your life. That is the operative phrase – “sales transaction” – unemotional with all decisions made with cold, hard, facts and no emotions attached to the outcome.

That is really hard to do. You have lived, loved and maybe raised your family here. Taking the emotion out is tough. But even as you are reading this, your head is agreeing and your heart is aching a bit.

…or not. You just want what every seller wants – top dollar for your property. Or you may have bought it at the height of the market and want to recoup as much as possible. This is understandable and again, your head is telling you that you most likely will lose money on a sale in today’s market. You are in a difficult position so the sooner you can come to terms with the reality of what is possible, the quicker you can sell your house or condo and no longer have the responsibility of maintenance, repairs, and taxes. The experts at A Team Florida are with you from listing to close. Call us today at 954-964-2559 or email info@ATeamFlorida.com.

Selling Your Home

If you truly want to sell your home/condo, there are certain truisms that are correct 85 -95% of the time.

  • Hire a professional Realtor; you will NET more money than you can by going it alone.
  • Price it within 5% of market value so you can stick to your guns.
  • If you have had 7 showings and no offers, something is wrong.
  • The first offer is the best offer (eerily correct almost 100% of the time)
  • Do not react emotionally to a low ball offer, calmly counter with a reasonable one.

Listings generally generate an offer within the first month on the market and lately, some actually sell for higher than so called “market value”. Price and condition are all important. Of course, effective marketing and the showing presentation to the prospective buyers run a close second. Negotiating the price is the final step to the executed contract and for that you absolutely need a professional Realtor. The A Team Florida is your best bet for expert advice and service. Contact us at 954-964-2559 or email Cindy@ATeamFlorida.com.

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