Seller Pricing

Important Information on Pricing

The agent you list your home with cannot set the sales price of your home, any more than your stock broker dictates the price of your stock. Selling price is a function of the real estate market. NEVER SELECT AN AGENT BASED ON THE PRICE THEY ARE WILLING TO LIST.

The overwhelming number of homes expiring unsold today are a result of poor advice from inept agents. The problem with this often extends to the next agent, who must overcome that obvious “shopworn” result of the home being on the market for an extended period. Most often this results in the home selling for less than it would have, had the home been properly listed at the start. Therefore, WE do not “price” your home.

 With your participation, review the comparable sold data in the area (just as an appraiser would)

 Share market factors and help you make a specific comparison

 Determine a price strategy that will obtain the highest price in the least amount of time

Please have ready for us when we come out:

 Title Insurance Policy

 Copy of Will or Trust (if applicable)

 Mortgage Info (if any)

 Most recent tax bill