Sell Your Home

Sell Your Home Successfully

The FIVE components of a successful home sale are Pricing, Staging, Marketing, Negotiating, and Closing.

Staging is still an integral part of our strategy to get top dollar for our listings. We have found this to be one of the best ways to make our listings stand out in comparison to other homes on the market. (This also helps to remind sellers that proper pricing is crucial to be competitive.)

Curb appeal is still number one – and it does not always mean the front of a house. When it comes to condos, the building needs to have attractive drive-up appeal. With any residence, the first view a potential buyer sees when the front door opens must make a memorable impact.

Home Interior

The main feature of the home interior should be neutral colors and clutter-free rooms, counters and walls. Family photos and personal items – even your toothbrush – should be out of view. A buyer needs to envision their family – and their “stuff” in the home. Serious sellers aren’t just thinking about the sale, they are thinking about the move so this part of the staging process will benefit them also.

Remodeled homes are selling the fastest. However, properly staged homes with new paint, clean carpets/floors, sparkling windows and a fresh smell are close behind.