Rent a House

I Still Need to Rent Because I am Saving for a Down Payment or in the Process of Fixing my Credit

If you do not have enough for a down payment, you may need to rent so you can save until you do. Those zero down mortgages make it up with higher interest rates.
If you do not like the hassles of upkeep and fixing things, you should probably rent OR buy a condo if you can afford the monthly maintenance fees. These typically cover all the things you don’t want to do on your own – maintenance and repairs. But you need to figure in taxes and insurance so again, maybe renting would be best for you, although mortgage interest is a nice tax deduction. However, if you have bad credit, even renting may be difficult. You may have to come up with more cash down – two months security is becoming the norm.
Do you smoke, have pets, or own multiple cars? These can be obstacles when looking for a rental or even buying a condo.  Pet deposits can be very high and non-refundable.

I Want to Rent for Now Because I am New to the Area or I May Not be in This Area for Long

Conventional wisdom would tell you to rent until you learn more about the community. However, when you work with the A Team at Keller Williams Realty Professionals, our in-depth consultation and knowledge of the neighborhoods make us the “go-to” realtors if you need guidance on WHERE to live as well as how to negotiate the best deal.
If you don’t know where you will be in five years, buying may still be the best option. Will the real estate market return the former “glory” days of 2005-2007? Probably not, but we do expect the normal 4% rise per year over the next few years.   If the market behaves normally, you should realize some return on your investment when you sell – beats a CD. Also, when you buy, you have a fixed monthly payment – no landlord to raise the rent.

I am Renting Because I am Not Sure How or When to Start the Buying Process…or if my Credit is Good Enough.

A Team Florida can assess your situation. Call us and let us know what you think the obstacles are: do you still have months left on your lease? Are you unsure about what you need for a down payment or if your credit is good enough? Are you afraid to take the step because your job may change? Are you trying to wait until you have enough to buy that three bedroom house with a pool? We can give you expert advice and guidance no matter what your situation. We may tell you to rent for another year AND we will help you find something that gives you a chance to save more money each month. But we do believe that buying makes sense for 80% of our renting clients.
Whether you continue to rent or want to prepare yourself to eventually buy, you need professional advice. There is no cost to you for a consultation that can set you on the right path. Plus, the competition for properties right now is too fierce for you to attempt to go it alone. As experts, we not only know how to negotiate the best deal for you PERIOD – but we can help you plan your future to make sure you LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE.
Of course, owning is always to renting because the market has now stabilized and will rise about 5% per year going forward, although interest rates look like they may be on the rise also. In a nutshell, if you can buy something smaller now so that you can build equity to purchase what you really want in a few years, it makes more sense to pay your own mortgage and get the write-off. And this is important, researching properties on the internet and driving through neighborhoods is the best way to start the search, but then you need to call us. Only Realtors have access to what is truly available. Anything you find on Trulia, Zillow or many times is old news – already under contract. And you definitely want an expert negotiator handling the deal.