4 Hazards Of Selling Without A Real Estate Pro

When real estate markets recover, it’s not uncommon for overly ambitious sellers to consider selling without an agent in attempt to increase their profits.

However, few research the pitfalls of FSBO listings; primarily that buyers are thinking the same way – you are saving the commission so you should sell for less AND be proficient with the paperwork and red tape that goes along with a successful real estate closing.

Bottom line: An experienced Real Estate professional can help you save valuable time and money with knowledge of the local market and negotiation skills. And we can assure you, few agents in Hollywood know the local market better than the A Team.

The A Team can market and sell your property for more than you can get plus we know the ins and outs of the Real Estate contracts and legalities. It is not hard to get an offer on your property in today’s market due to the low inventory. The challenge is getting it to close. Between the appraisal, inspection and insurance processes, you cannot imagine the headaches that will crop up. It is a fact that hiring professionals who can navigate the unforeseen problems that can and do arise in today’s unpredictable market will net you more money..

If the only reason you are going it alone is to save the commission, we can assure you that the commission you pay will probably not exceed the money you will waste by how long it will take to get a bona fide offer and get it to the closing table – period.

Please read the attached and call us at your earliest convenience so we can get your home sold quickly and for the best possible price.

Thank you and we promise you will be very happy with the results.

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