Common Home Buyer Questions

Here’s a List of the Most Common Home Buyer Questions You Should be Asking Yourself

  1. How do I get started when I am ready to buy?
  1. How do I find the right realtor and how much will it cost?
  1. If I go directly to the selling agent, won’t I get a better deal? How about “for sale by owners”?
  1. Where can I find someone who can explain the entire process to me step by step?
  1. There is nothing I like in my price range, what should I do?
  1. What is the best kind of loan to get – FHA, VA or conventional?
  1. Every house I find online is already under contract, what is going on?
  1. If I have a good income but no money for a down payment, what can I do?
  1. How will the new mortgage guidelines affect me?
  1. What is the best way to find an agent to help me look for a house or condo?
  1. How much will I have to pay for closing costs?
  1. My credit score is not great but I have money saved up and a steady income, what can I buy?
  1. I have great credit but not a lot of money saved up, what can I buy without a big down payment?
  1. Are short sales and foreclosures better deals than regular sales?
  1. I know I cannot afford my dream home for several years, but I don’t want to keep renting, what should I do?